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This English Bulldog site is intended to be your resource to everything English Bulldog on the internet. The English Bulldog is a very popular breed, with a long distinguished history. There are thousands of English Bulldog websites on the world wide web and this English Bulldog directory Directory will be your access to them all. If your looking for English Bulldog puppies, English Bulldog studs, English Bulldog breeders, English Bulldog message boards, English Bulldog books, English Bulldog kennels, English Bulldog health information, English Bulldog shows, English Bulldog registries... You'll find them here!

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Here is the write up about the English Bulldog that is in the 2003 Dogs In Canada magazine...

As British as Big Ben, the English or British Bulldog is believed to have evolved from the Molossian dog first brought to Britain by Phoenician traders in the 6th century BC. The breed was exploited in the sport of bull baiting, a practise that existed from Roman times. Though the English Bulldog may appear to be oddly made, each point of its structure was bred into the breed to aid or protect it while attempting to overcome a bull. When bull baiting was outlawed early in the 19th century, the future looked bleak for the English Bulldog until a handful of breeders set to preserving this breed that had become a symbol of British courage and tenacity. When the Kennel Club (England) was organized in 1873, the English Bulldog was among the first of the breeds to be recognized.

For a dog that once faced bulls, the English Bulldog is calm and dignified with a steady, even disposition. He is resolute and courageous but not vicious or aggressive.

Activity Level:
The English Bulldog has a relatively low activity level. He can adjust to just about any environment and his exercise needs are easily met. Potential owners should be aware that his facial structure makes him subject to snuffling, snorting, and snoring. He also suffers in hot weather so special care is needed in the summer.

The low-slung, heavy set English Bulldog weighs 40-50 lb (18-22.5 kg).

The coat is smooth, short, straight and flat.

English Bulldog coats may be brindle, white, red, fawn, fallow or piebald.

The English Bulldog coat is low maintenance.