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Other Sites of Interest The most complete site listing all available dog books
Just like the title says, this site boasts all in print dog books available today organized by breed, activity, and subject matter, as well as listing out of print books as well. Dog Calendars sorted by breed and activity
Another obvious one by the title, features dog calendars organized by breed, activity, and subject matter in an easy to navigate site. Candle Superstore
The Internet's largest candle site! We have thousands of items for you to choose from at discount prices with free shipping on orders over $50.00. Complete BMW Resource, all models and accsories, Bikes and Cars
A directory similar to Dogresources, categorizing BMW's past and present as well as resources from present day to the early years, as well as books, magazines, parts supplies, resources sites, restoration, the new Z4 etc...If you are a BMW fanatic this site is not to be missed.

Read With Ripa Read With Ripa Book Club unofficial site
For fans of Regis and Kelly, this site lists Kelly Ripa's book club choices as well as alternates and doubles as a fan site for Kelly Ripa who appears on the soap, All My Children.

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A Seedy Business Seeds, Bulbs, Books, Magazines, Garden Tools The very finest of online gardening, seeds, tools, supplies, books, Bulbs, and more.

Fish Oil Benefits An explanation of how Dr. Sears OmegaRx™ Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil will benefit weight loss, depression, neurological problems, arthritis, heart and cholesterol problems, and improve concentration and memory.
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