John D. Johnson Bulldogs
"There's Only Two Breeds Of Dogs...John D. Johnson
Bulldogs & Those That Wish They Were!"

John Daniel Johnson, breeding American Bulldogs for
89 years!

100% Johnson, the real deal!

Adults and puppies available
for pets and breeding.

Gideon, and Elrod Junior are
available for stud to approved

330 Hinton Street
Summerville, Georgia

Jackson's Millie
Sire: Jackson's Oscar
Dam: Warrior John Whiteneck
Johnson's Crystal Gayle
Sire: Peeler's Cheif
Dam: Peeler's Georgia
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Johnson's Rebel Rouiser 28
Sire: Rebel Rouiser 2
Dam: Collette 50
To view many pictures of Mr. Johnson's accomplishments
visit the Johnson American Bulldog Photo Gallery
John And Mildred Johnson
Summerville, Georgia 706-857-1272
Johnson's Rebel Rouiser 52
Sire: Johnson's Rebel Rouiser28
Dam: Jackson's Millie
Mr. Johnson has many other dogs in his yard
that will be added to this page as the pictures
are taken!
Dick The Bruiser 55
Sire: Dick The Bruiser 50
Dam: Crystal Gayle

Johnson's Tuffie
Sire: Johnson's Big Buck
Dam: Johnson's Tuffie 50
Johnson's Collette 25
Sire: Bo Donald
Dam: Johnson's Collette 10
Please call for information regarding upcoming
breedings and studs for hire. Please also call
for any information regarding JDJ Bulldogs!