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Welcome to the Kennels, Breeders, & Enthusiasts Websites Page. We now feature over 800 kennels on this page, so please be patient with the loading time.

Please use the following 'Add a page' form to add your kennel or personal
page to our ever expanding list.

For a master list of all breeders, including those without websites, please visit our Master List by clicking this link. We do not endorse or recommend any of these breeders, and suggest you talk to and visit as many of these as possible before making any decisions.

Our kennel is Rebel Rose, drop by and check us out. If you would like to get in touch with us, email Lance & Lesli Rose.

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If you would like to get in touch with us, email Lance & Lesli Rose.

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A Abbaway Shep Haven Shepherds
A B C Training Kennels
Abijah German Shepherds
Abraxas Shepherds
Absela gsd's
Ace's website
Adel Haus German Shepherds
Adelhertz German Shepherds
Adelhund Shepherds
Adel V. Leonberg
Agassiz German Shepherd Dogs
Adler Stein German Shepherds
Adobe Kennels
Advance Haus Kennels
Advanced Canines of Svetdanhaus
Advanced K-9 Training, Inc.
Aftica GSD
Agios German Shepherds
Alabama K9 North Georgia K9
Alameda Police Dept. Canine (k-9) Unit
Alaska Dog Boarding
Alaskan GSD
Albarhof Shepherds
Alcazar Zwinger
Alconhof German Shepherds
Alemick Kennels
Alex's German Shepherd Page
Alfaheim German Shepherds
Allendale German Shepherds
Alles uber Deutsche Schaeferhund
Alles Uber Schaferhunde
All Stars Kennels
Allure German Shepherds
Almanya Shepherds
Alpenhof Reg'd Kennel
AlpineK9 International
Alta German Shepherd Dogs
Alter Ego German Shepherds
Alyeska German Shepherds
Amadeus Kennels
Amaleen German Shepherds
Amanda's German Shepherds
Amari German Shepherds
Amberixs German Shepherds
Ambii GSD
American GSD Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Andaka-Zederland Kennels
AnFarra German Shepherds
Anges Gardiens
Anjerhaus Shepherds
Anlaufstelle Kennels
Ann Weiler
Antilli German Shepherd Dogs
A1 K9 Intelligence
Apache White Shepherds
A-Plus Kennels
Appleridge Kennels
Arbeitend Hunde von Svetdanhaus
Von Arek
Arkham Manor
Aus Famke's Zauberwald
Austbrook GSD's
Athos German Shepherds
Autumn German Shepherds
Aviator German Shepherds
Avignon GSD
Awesome Kennel
Ayer's Long Coat GSD's
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B Bachachre German Shepherds 
Baden K9
BAHR-S Shepherds
Von Barren Berg Shepherds
Belstar's German Shepherd Dogs
Bemhaus kennels Reg'd
VomBergTal Kennels
Bergsteiger Reg'd German Shepherd Dogs
Bhuachaille German Shepherds
Black Birch Farm
Blackneck's Kennel
Black Paws Farm
Blackthorn German Shepherds
Blaen Ystruth German Shepherds
Blue Ribbon Kennel
B N L Kennels
Bobaarev German Shepherd Dogs
Bodecka Kennels
BoDella K9 Kennels
BonJen Shepherds
Boorman Haus
Braehead Kennels
Brashears' German Shepherds
Bredwel Kennels
Brewer's Kennel
Briar Hill German Shepherds
Briarwood Oversized German Shepherds
Brierwoods Shepherds
Brittney And Brandie
Brolan German Shepherds
BrooksWood Farm
Brookswood German Shepherds
Broomeacres German Shepherds
Brown Hill Shepherds
Brush Creek Kennels
Bryan Siddall G7USQ
Buckcreek German Shepherds
Bullinger Shepherds
Bullocks Professional Canine
Busselhaus Shepherds
Butler Shepherds
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
C Caddam GSD's
Ca-Ji Shepherds
Camelot German Shepherds
Canine Protection International
Canine Specialty Services
Canisphere German Shepherd Dogs
Canyon Crest K-9
Caraland German Shepherds
Cardshark Kennels
Caretti Shepherds
Carico Shepherds
Carissima Reg'd Kennels
Carlo Shepherds
Castlebrook Shepherds
Castlecrest German Shepherds
Cedarhaven Kennels
Cedarisle Shepherds
Centurion Pro K-9
Cermar German Shepherd Dogs
Chalita German Shepherd Dogs
Challenger Farms
Chantilly German Shepherds
Char-Da's German Shepherds
Chayessa German Shepherds
Chaparral K-9 Training Center
Chenoa German Shepherds
Cherlyn Shepherds
Chris and Odette's
Chrissy's Dog House
Close Quarter Battle K-9
Cloverleife Hill Kennels
Common Ground German Shepherds
Conbhairen GSD's
Copybush German Shepherds
Covy-Tucker Hill Kennels
Crajendo German Shepherd Dogs
Creekvue German Shepherds
Criador de Brunskilltal
Crosswinds Shepherds
Cypress German Shepherds
Cypress German Shepherds
Puppies For Sale, Click here
D  Dahlerhaus
Da-Ju Kennel
Dakota's German Shepherds
Danielson Paw Prints Kennels
Daves German Shepherds
Dawgwood German Shepherds
Deblyn's German Shepherds
Dei Precision Shepherds
Delnat german shepherds
Denridge German Shepherds
Detector Dog
Degen's Home Page
Dei Precision Shepherds
Demant's Kennel
Denali Kennels
Denegar Kennels
Der Deutsche Schäferhund
Desert Hills
Desert Star Shepherds
Detector Dog Ignitable Liquid Investigation Team
Deutsche Schäferhunde
Deutscher Schäferhunde Zwinger v. Castra Regina
Deutscher Schäferhunde Zwinger vom Schloss Veitenstein
Diamond M Farms
Die Rassekennzeichen des Deutschen Schäferhundes
Dieters Homepage
DiNova German Shepherds
Direct Link Kennels
D.J.'s Keepsake Shepherds
Dogs with a Mission USA
Domara German Shepherds
Donka German Shepherds
Drachenberg Shepherds
Dragon German Shepherds
vom Dreieck German Shepherds
Drum Phenyx
Duitse Herderkennel van de "Nova-Hof"
Dunhill K-9's German Shepherd Dogs
Durnstein German Shepherds
Dutch Fork K-9
DWARF German Shepherd Dog Website
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
E EagleCrest German Shepherds
EagleRock German Shepherds
East German Shepherd Central
The East German Shepherd Dogs DDR
Eclipse White German Shepherds
Edan Kennel
Edgewood German Shepherds
Eichenluft Shepherds
Eiche Pointe Kennel
Eifenhaus German Shepherds
Eisen Geist Training Kennel
Eko-Lan German Shepherds
Eldien GSD
Elite Design German Shepherds
Emerald Meadows German Shepherds
Emma's Dogpage
Encore's German Shepherds
Eternbur German Shepherds
Evermore German Shepherds
Eves German Shepherds
EZ GO Kennels
Puppies For Sale, Click here
Fairhope gsd 
Fairway Shepherds
Falcon German Shepherds
Falkewind German Shepherds
Fallsview German Shepherds
Farbenholt German Shepherds
Featherstone Kennels
Felsbach's Shepherds
von Fenja
Firestorm Kennels
Fleischerheim/Merkel's German Shepherd's
Fleetbreeze Kennels
Florida Dog Academy
Florida K-9
Forrest Shepherds
Forshona Kennels
Frankenhaus German Shepherds
Fran-San German Shepherds
Freedom Kennels German Shepherds
Freevale German Shepherds
Fruend German Shepherds
Fuller's Shepherds
Furrari White Shepherds
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
G Gableridge Kennel
Gadville German Shepherds
Gemini German Shepherds
Genesis GSD Kennel
Gentle Souls
Georgia German Shepherds Gerdes Haus German Shepherds
Gerene Kennel
Germelhaus German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dogs
German Shepherds Dogs/Pups Czech/DDR
German Shepherd Search Dogs of Washington State
German Shepherds in Herding
German Shepherds
German Shepherd Society
German Shepherds von Kaykohl Land of Arizona
German Shepherds von Satyr
German Shepherd working dogs
German Shepherd World
Glenavon German Shepherds
Glenwood Kennels
Gobles Kennel
Goldmint Kennels
Goldstar German Shepherds
Go-Win Kennel
Graceway Kennels
Grandview Kennel
Granite State Dog Training Center Inc.
Great Lakes Reg'd German Shepherd
Gringo's Page
Grunfeld German Shepherds
GSD Infoline
GSD Link Page Forum
Gsds R us
Grum Majestat Shepherds
Grundelhardt Kennels
Grunenfeld German Shepherds
Guardian Haus Shepherds
Guardyan Kennels
Gunnarsholt's Kennel
Gunzo's Square
Gutten haus shepherds
Puppies For Sale, Click here
H Hadden Hall German Shepherds
Hadleys German Shepherds
Hanshi Kennels
Harmonia Shepherds
Hartland Kennels
Havelberg Dog Academy
Haus an der See
Haus Drachë German Shepherd Dogs
Haus Juris German Shepherds
Hausmekon Kennels
Haus Smith German Shepherd Dogs
Haus Von Der Meister Waffen
Heartridge Training Academy Inc.
Heidelberg German Shepherds"
Heidenreich Kennel
Heineken German Shepherds
Herdenhunde vom Weiher
Hickory Ledge Kennel
Hi-Cliff German Shepherds
Highland Kennels
Hills Pride
Hillsview Kennels
Hile Haus Shepherds
Hirsch Wiese German Shepherd Dogs
Holmes Valley German Shepherds
Holtgrew's German Shepherdss
HoofPrint Farm White German Shepherds
House of G
Hubbard's Shepards
Hukles Place
Huhnegrab Germany
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
I Ida's German Shepherds
Imes Haus Shepherds
Impact German Shepherd Dogs
Ince Shepherds German Shepherds
Inflight Kennels Reg'd
Ingelmills Kennel
Ingo Degen von Fernheim
Inkabijou Working Dogs
Ipahof shepherds
It's A Dogs World
Puppies For Sale, Click here
J Jade's Home Page 
Jaeger, Heather & Booter, Our K-9 Family
Jagerstadt kennel
Jamin Kennels
Jenloren Kennel
Jerland Farms
jeslynne brown
Jeta Shepherds
Jia-Liang K-9 Shanghai Inc.
Jill's Place
Joemax German Shepherds
Jo-Lin Kennel
Joli's German Shepherd Dogs
Jomar German Shepherds
Jomari Shepherds
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
K Kagen Shepherds
Kanas German Shepherds
Kardin Kennels
Kareen Shepherds
vom Kharmahaus Kennels
Kasron German Shepherd Dogs
Katelyn Shepherds
Kaykohl Land
Kazkiri Kennels
KcK Kennels
Kearanen Talo German Shepherds
Kebre Shepherds
Kelby GSD
Ken-Delaine German Shepherds
Kennel Aedesbark
Kennel Av Ulfsater
Kennel Bricard
Kennel Gothia
Kennel Gubbengaard
Kennel Jordemoderhuset
Kennel Jurassic
Kennel Vincos
Kennel Lakeside
Kennel Normanner
Kennel Pilfalken
Kennel Puckings
Kennel Seeblick
Kennel Sideca
Kennel Spitzheit
kennel van`t Heukske
Kensa Kennels
Kentucky K-9
Kerschberger Kennel
Kershner's German Shepherds
Ketlyn's German Shepherds
Kews Anglo Saxon
Keystone German Shepherds
Kezziah German Shepherds
Kilum von Hilding Haus
Kimber German Shepherds
King Shepherds
Kingfield German Shepherds
Kimnark German Shepherd Dogs
Kinderburg Shepherds
Kiplyn German Shepherds
Kiss'n Kuzzen etc
Klatolklin Kennels
Vom Kleinen Hain
Knighten Haus
Krymsan German Shepherds
Kuirau German Shepherd Kennels
Kysarah German Shepherds
Klassenburg German Shepherds
Knight's Landing German Shepherds
K9 Key
Kohlein German Shepherds
Konigsdorf Shepherds
Kraftwerk K-9 Training Kamp
Kridler's German Shepherds
Kringgroep D.W.O. Hardenberg
Kromerhaus Kennels
Kuirau Kennels
Kuhlmanhaus German Shepherd Dogs
Kuper Haus German Shepherds
Kysarah Shepherds
Puppies For Sale, Click here
L Laetare German Shepherds
Lakewood Kennels
Landschaft Kennels
Lane's House Of Shepherds
Laramie German Shepherds
Large German Shepherds
Larsen German Shepherds
Lasanna Balo
Lasetreff German Shepherds
LastMountain Kennels
Law German Shepherds
Leabashiba German Shepherds
Lebenshunger German Shepherds
Le Chenil Belge German Shepherds
Leerburg Kennels
Leevenrob German Shepherds
Legend German Shepherds
Legend Shepherds
Lenga's German Shepherds
Lianna Shepherds
Liebchen German Shepherds
Linsdown German Shepherds
Livinghaus Kennels
Llewellyn Kennels W
Long Coat Shepherds
Loving GSD
Loyalville German Shepherds
Luc's family pets
Di Lynda Vista
Lynsdens Kennel
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
M Major German Shepherds
Man's Best Friend
Marinita German Shepherds
Masterton German Shepherds
Mattenburcherland Kennels LLC
Mayanser German Shepherd Dogs
Melana Shepherds
Mercer German Shepherds
Merovingian German Shepherds
Michael's German Shepherd Homepage
Miles River
Milhuas German Shepherds
Misha & Sina's Page
Misty Ridge German Shepherds
Mokan Kennels
Montealoya German Shepherds
Monks of New Skete
Mountain Gator Kennels
Mt. Kedish Shepherd Kennels
Munster Abbey German Shepherds
Murray Hill Kennels
My German Shepherds
My German Shepherd...Taylor
My Perfect Pal
Myron's Dog Palace
Mystksand German Shepherds
Mystra Shepherds
Puppies For Sale, Click here
N Nachtschatten
Nadelhaus German Shepherds
Narnia Kennels
Natradan German Shepherd Dogs
Neuweier Kennels
Newman's German Shepherd Kennels
Nickelsberg's Farm
Nightbreed German Shepherds Australia
NightWatch K9 House
Nixtev German Shepherds
Nordlicht Shepherds
Nord Weston Kennels
Noroda German Shepherds
Northern Horizon White German Shepherd Dog Fanciers
Northern Michigan K-9
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
O ÓÄÏ "Ñèðèóñ"
Odinhaus Shepherds
Øêîëà ïîäãîòîâêè ñîáàê -
Omega Shepherds
Oquirhberg K9's
Orumhaus Kennels
Osthugelland GSD's
Othello Shepherds
Our Family Zoo!
OurHouse German Shepherds
Our Pets and Links
Outenhof German Shepherds
Puppies For Sale, Click here
P Padala German Shepherds
PaisCasa Ranch
Parhileon German Shepherds
Park Center Kennel
Parkers German Shepherds
Patmar German Shepherds
Peakes Brook German Shepherds
Perkins GSD's
Perry's Shepherds
Pierre's Sunshine Shepherds
Pine Forest German Shepherds
Pine Hill German Shepherd Dogs
Pöhler's Schäeferhundpage
Prairie Haus Kennels
Prairie View Shepherds
Primavera Kennels
Proud-Haus Shepherds
Puppies & More
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
Q Quedish Shepherds
Puppies For Sale, Click here
R . R.A.C.E. German Shepherds
RaeLew Kennels
Rafaye German Shepherds
Rakaia Kennels
Raven Shepherds
Ravine's German Shepherds
RD Kennels
Redland Shepherds
Red Rock K9
Red Star Kennel
Reidhaus German Shepherds
Reinwald Kennels
Regalwise White German Shepherds
Riesa Kennels
Rihadin Kennels
Ritarra Kennels
Ritz and Sassy's Home page
Rivendell German Shepherds
Riveriene Farm
RJ Kennels
RJ Kennels, NY
Robert's German Shepherd Page
Roberts Kennel German Shepherds
RobinWood Farms
Rock Shadow Shepherds
Rohan German Shepherd Dogs
Rolling H. Kennels
Rondol´s Bungalow
Rosian's Kennels Perm. Reg.
Kennel Rostadgarden
Royalair German Shepherds
Royal T Shepherds
Rucken Haus
Ruff GSD
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
Sable Rock German Shepherds
Saddlecreek German Shepherds
Sakotah German Shepherds
Safice Kennels
Salhaus Old Fashioned German Shepherds
Samuri Shepherds
Sanbob Kennel
Sander-Haus German Shepherd Dogs
Sandstorm German Shepherds
Sander-Haus German Shepherd Dogs
San Diego German Shepherd Dog Site
Santan German Shepherds
Sater-Nordlicht German Shepherds
Scales Arizona German Shepherd Site
Scanner's Homepage
Scenter Line Kennels
Schaferhund Kennels
Schaferhund online
Schafer Lake Kennels
Schafheide German Shepherds
Schatzmar German Shepherds
Schloss Felsen Kennels
Schneiden Fels German Shepherds
Von Der Schotterstrasse
Schutzengel German Shepherd Dogs
Scottish Kennels
Seadale Shepherds
Seals-haus Shepherds
Segensreich German Shepherd Dogs
Seger Winds Shepherds
Selah`s GSD`s
Select Shepherds
Sequoia Shepherds
Seraphim's Perpetual Whisper's
Service K-9 Centre
Shadowacre Shepherds
ShadowWood German Shepherds
Shadows homepage
Shadow Valley Shepherds
Sharlen Shepherds
Sharobi's German Shepherds
Sheba's GSD Page
Shellys Shepherds
Shepherds by Kimo
Shepherds Northwest
Shepherd's of Leybourne
Shepherds von Ajaye
Shereldean Shepherds
Shooting Star Shepherds
Kennel Sideca
Siegerhof German Shepherd Dogs
Silkenwood German Shepherds
Silverhill German Shepherds
Silver Kennel
Silvermist Kennels
Silverwood Shepherds
Slatehouse German Shepherd Dogs
Smitty's Kennels
S'n'S Shepherds
Solido German Shepherds
Snowcloud German Shepherds
Snowy's Homepage
Snyder Shepherds
Southernwind Kennels
Southpark Shepherds
Sprague's German Shepherds
Stalworth Kennels
Steel Cross Shepherds
Steamboat Mountain German Shepherds
Stein kennel
Steppenwolf Kennels
Stoneridge Ranch Shepherds
Sturdevant's German Shepherd's
Stylistic Kennels
Sukee Kennels
Sunflower Kennels
Sunhaze Kennels
Sunnyside Acres
Sunrise Bonnie
Sunrise German Shepherds
Sunrise Shepherds
SunSpirit German Shepherds
Svend I Davidsen
SV Zwinger von den Rabauken
Swamis Solos
Szikla Kemeny Imports
Puppies For Sale, Click here
T Tai-Pan Kennels
Takimbre German Shepherds
Takanilee German Shepherds
T & T Shepherds
Tasha's Dog Sports
Tehillah German Shepherds
TeMar Shepherds
Terra Oaks German Shepherds
Tersha Kennels
Texas Dog Training Center
The Amazing Jessie Home Page
The BB German Shepherd Dogs in SA
The Bloodlines
The Dog Whisperer
The Herding GSD Website
The Home of the German Shepherd Dog
The International Shepherd Network
The International Shepherd Network
Theishof German Shepherds
T-Ho German Shepherds
Thom's German Shepherd
Tidmores Rising Star
Timberhaus K-9
Timberline Kennels/A>
TinRik Shepherds
Tipisy Kennel
Tollhaus 24k GSD's
Top Working German Shepherds
Tori German Shepherd Kennel
Toshars German Shepherds
Totana - Piper Hill German Shepherd Dogs
Tracelyn Kennels
Triann Shepherd
Triglar Kennels
TriLan German Shepherds
Triplepines Kennels
Triton Kennels
True Haus Kennel
Tsali Shepherds
T.W.E.C. German Shepherds
Twin Star Kennels
If your Kennel is listed here, link back to us!
U uber Land Kennel
Ultraz German Shepherds
Upton's k9
UK National GSD Helpline
Puppies For Sale, Click here
V V. Allertal Kennels
Valorquest Kennels/k9 Academy
van de Bruukse Hoeve
van Prince Farm
Van Soeburcht German Shepherd Kennels
Varlas Kennel
Victory German Shepherds
Videx German Shepherd Dogs
Visions German Shepherd Dogs
vom Adelplatz
vom Beushaus Kennel
Vom Blizen Haus Kennels
Vom BrandonHaus Shepherds
Vom Buflod
vom Camdenerland
Vom Derby Holland Land
Vom Eaglesnest Working Dog Kennel
Vom Eichenluft
Vom Fieldcrest Shepherds
vom Fussberg
Vom Gloeckner German Shepherds
Vom Goddo Kennel
Vom Hallynn Haus
Vom Haskovec German Sheperds
Vom Haus Andrews
Vom Haus Baysden German Shepherds
Vom Haus Blanco
Vom Haus Burow
Vom Haus Chess Kennels
Vom Haus Drage
Vom Haus Gochi
Vom Haus Glitzernstern
vom Haus LeClair
vom haus Milesevac
Vom Haus Miller
Vom Haus Peck
Vom Haus Velten
Vom Herrlich
Vom Haus Vianden
vom Himmelhoch Shepherds
Vom Hochlandsee's German Shepherds
Vom Hognadottirs
Vom Hohlen Huegel/Hollow Hills German Shepherds
Vom Holtzberg German Shepherds
Vom Hohen Lande
Vom Illertal
vom Jager
Vom Jkostya-Haus German Shepherds
Vom Kammer Shepherds
Vom Knappenborn
Vom Kirchenwald Shepherds
Vom Landholz
Vom Lebenshunger German Shepherds
vom Luebarser Schloesschen & vom Bernsteintal
Vom Mattenburcherland
Vom Polizeihaus German Shepherds
Vom Puckett
Vom Ramhausen Shepherds
Vom Randholz German Shepherds
Vom Reichtal German Shepherds
vom Rittmeister
Vom Rottacker-Haus
Vom Shana Haus German Shepherds
Vom Schaaf
vom Schmetterling Working German Shepherds
Vom Spezialblut Kennels
Vom Springer German Shepherds
vom SV-Zwinger Von Mohave
vom Tal der Schatten
vom Tondu German Shepherd Dogs
vom Vollkommen German Shepherds
Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds
Vom Wayward
Vom Wendekreis
vom Wenner Haus
Vom Wildenlund
Vom Wolfratshausen German Shepherds
vom Wunderhund
Vom zederhaus German Shepherds
Von Ammerman Kennels
Von Arit Hundehutte
Von Arlett
Von Bad-Boll
Von Balkan
Von Behre German Shepherd
Von Bellus
Von Billheim German Shepherds
Von Coragio German Shepherds
Von Charisma German Shepherds
von Danix
von den Dämonhunden
von den wilden Rabbits
von der Burg Gemen
Von Derby Holland Land
Von Der Daelenburghutte
von der Ehrenquelle
von der Felsenmuehle
von der Graf Kennels
Von Der Haus Gill Kennel
von der Haus Kulla
Von Der Hollenberg German Shepherds
von der Kurbisstadt Kennels
von der Osthugelland
Von der Schodin K-9
von der Teuth Kennels
Von Dream Time
Von Fritz
Von Gaard's Best White Shepherds
Von Haus Preziosi
von Hayden Shepherds
Von Hornberger Jolin Shepherds
von der Polizei German Shepherds
von der Teuth Kennels
von Dream Time
von Edgecombe
Von Fenwald Kennels
Von Hauben Shepherds
Von Haus Charly
Von Haus Henry
Von Hindenberg German Shepherds
von Interton
von Jagenstadt
Von Jagerstadt
von Justde Kennels
von Karinheid
Von Kristian Shepherds
Von Liebotschanner Kennels
Von Noble-Haus Kennels
von Primus
Vonrauten Kennels
Von Ravenwolf Shepherds
VonRyder German Shepherds
Von Schmidt Kennels
Von Schwartz German Shepherds
Von Shamad
Von Shartzer Shepherds
Von Stevenhaus Shepherds
Von Stroman German Shepherds
Von Sudlich Shepherds
Von TeMar Shepherds
Von Voelker Kennels
von Waldhaus Shepherds
Von Waldhimmel
Von Waldhimmel
Von Windlied
Vonweissflucht German Shepherds
VR-German Shepherd Imports
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W Walltop Kennels German Shepherds
Walnut Ridge Farm
Walsh's Windy Acres Shepherds Waya's
Weiss German Shepherds
Wendys Precious Puppies
Westbound Kennels
Whispawillow German Shepherds
White Fang Kennels
White Stone Kennels
Wilden Westen German Shepherds
Wildhaus Kennels
Wild West Shepherds
Willimar Kennels
Willow Creek Shepherds
Wim Verbeeks page
Windenhimmel Shepherds
Windmill Farm German Shepherds
Windswept german shepherds
Windy Hill Kennels
Winwood German Shepherds
Wolf Creek Kennel
Wolf Grey German Shepherds
Woodside German Shepherds
Wyndmoor Kennels
Wynsum Shepherds
Puppies For Sale, Click here
Z Zauber Kennel
Zauberberg K9 Academys
Zavitz Kennels
Zeder Kamme German Shepherds
Zephyr Kennels
Zirconium's German Shepherds
Zorago German Shepherd Dogs
Zuchtstatte vom Dammplatz
Zwinger Valkyre
Zwinger vom Amur
Zwinger vom Eichen Hof/von den Begegnungen GSD's
Zwinger vom Haus Eiserne Kreuz
Zwinger vom Heidelberger Schloß
Zwinger vom Mitternachtsdonner
Zwinger Vom Roten Wald German Shepherds
Zwinger vom Valkyre
Zwinger vom Zahnweg
Zwinger Von Arit German Shepherds
Zwinger von Gruenwiesen
Zwinger von den Ost-Kantonen
Zwinger von der Dornburg
Zwinger von der Felsenmuhle
Zwinger Von Himmel
Zwinger von Knoefler
Zwinger von der Placenburg
Zwinger von der Strahlendorf
Zwinger Von Hagor
Zwinger Von Knoefler
Zwinger Von Nord Stern
Zwinger Von Wizards Hof
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