Successful Competitors

1) Darryl Johnsonís Jenny is the current Pentathlon champ. She has no weaknesses; finishing first, second or third in any given event, which tends to make her unbeatable. The way our scoring system works if an Irondog bombs in a single event he/she is usually out of the running. Jennyís drives are so strong and her conditioning so good that she doesnít tire out at the last couple events. Her strongest event is Freight Train. Jenny commits 100% to the bite, hurtling through the air at the decoy like a guided missile. She has slammed more than one decoy into the turf. Her next best event is Sprint Race, moving like white lightening. Jenny weighs 80 lbs. has an OFA good and a BST. She is training for the BST II, which should be a cakewalk. Unfortunately, Jenny will probably be pregnant for the Irondog Pentathlon in June and will not compete. If she is not pregnant Jenny will compete with a vengeance.

2) Rob Boydís Hammer is the second best Pentathlon competitor on Earth. He is the only dog that can hit harder than Jenny in Freight train. When he bangs into the sleeve the concussion can be heard for hundreds of yards. Hammer has smashed more than one decoy into the dirt with his explosive power. He does well in all events except Sprint Race. His poor showing in this event could be due to his handlerís clumsy technique at the recall. Rob Boyd needs to learn to bait Hammer better and run away with more enthusiasm. Rob tends to stop short and turn around to see how Hammer is doing, inevitably Hammer slows down when Rob turns around. Hammerís other problem in Sprint Race may be due to his 100 lbs. body weight. The fastest dogs are 70 to 80 lbs. Hammer has a BST II and a WP I. Since Jenny wonít compete in June, Hammer is the dog to beat. He is determined to improve his sprint time. If he does this Hammer could be invincible.

3) Dave Putnamís Belle Star usually finishes third. Her strongest event is Weight Pull. She can pull like a mule. She is solid in all events except Tug of War. Belle needs to learn to calmly grip the tug toy and pull backwards steadily, not thrash it back and forth as though it were a rabbit that needs to be killed. Though she is usually good at Hangtime her clumsy handler didnít let her get a good grip on the tug toy in the last Pentathlon. For the next Pentathlon, Belle is going to practice tugging backwards in Tug of War and her handler is going to focus on good placement for the tug toy in Hangtime. Belle weighs 81 lbs. and has a BST I and a WP I. Belle might not have the raw ability of Jenny but she has a fantastic work ethic and is quietly confident that she will take first place in June.

4) Darryl Johnsonís Buddy usually ties with Belle for third place. He is solid in all events. His strongest event is Sprint Race. The Redwood Club has held five Sprint races over the years, attracting the fastest ABs and even Pit Bulls on the West Coast. Buddy has the fastest recorded time ever in the 50-yard sprint. This race has now been extended to 75-yards, but we expect Buddy to still dominate in Sprint. Buddy should be an inspiration to Johnson Bulldogs everywhere. He is short, wide, muscular and typey. He is so bully that he has won Bully/Classic conformation shows. Buddy has sprinted faster than any Pit Bull or Performance AB that he has been matched against. He believes he can make the Performance crowd eat their words when they say, ďJohnson dogs canít be athletic.Ē Since Jenny is not competing, Buddyís Handler (an ex-Navy SEAL) will be pouring all his energy into this muscular little stump of a Bulldog, so watch out! Buddy is OFA excellent prelim and will take his BST as soon as his OFA final comes through. He has a WP I. Buddy is 80 lbs. of nuts, guts and tiger meat.

5) Mike Smithís Boss Hog competed in the last Pentathlon and would have placed except he had never worn a weight pull harness before and become hopelessly fouled in the traces, forfeiting this event. He went on to win the Free-style hangtime even though heíd never done this before. Because his drive and condition are superb, he did very well in all the other events. Boss Hog is determined to never enter an event unprepared again. He is focused on the June Pentathlon like a laser beam. The gamblers in Las Vegas are starting to put the long green on Boss Hog. Boss has a WST that will turn into a BST when his OFA final comes through. At six months old his OFA prelim was good. Boss Hog trains with a Schutzhund club and has a SCH BH.