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What is A Prong Collar? Here is a picture of a german made Hermm Sprenger Prong Collar, also referred to as Pinch Collars or Training Collars.

Sprenger Pinch Collar

So, there are few things to deal with regarding this type of collar.

The first and most common question is "Isn't this going to hurt my dog? The simple answer is no. These collars, when used are far safer for your dog than the traditional chain choke collar, which requires chocking your dog possibly causing harm to his windpipe and quite literally crushing his neck and windpipe.

Don't the prongs hurt? Again, much less than a choke collar, the correct way to use them is to thread your leash through both loops on the collar, when used this way, the collar does not choke, but rather tugs on the neck, and a quick tug is all you need to get your dogs attention.

When used properly these pinch collars let you give a short sharp correction to get your dogs attention and help train him to behave in the manner you would like. They are power steering for your dog, safe and effective, easy to use, and produce immediate results.

If you are not sure how to use one, consult a trainer in your area. If you are experiencing dog training problems or are having difficulties or concerns with your dogs behaviour please consult a trainer.

Q & A on Prong Collars

My spouse/partner would never let me use a collar like that on my dog.

OK, you have a decision to make then, either get a new wife/girlfriend or partner, use the prong collar anyway and sleep on the couch, see a professional trainer and take care of your dogs behavioural problem right away or put your dog down.

The bottom line is it's far easier to train your dog as a puppy than deal with a 100 pound dog who believes he is the master of the pack and is an aggressive ill trained dog waiting for a problem to happen.

Are these only for adult dogs?

Absolutely not, they are made for puppies and small breeds right up to the largest of breeds.

You chose to picture the Herm Sprenger Choke, is there a reason?

The numnber one reason would be quality. Herm Sprenger has built a reputation for quality and endurance over several decades of experience. We use sprenger stainless steel collars on our dogs and suggest you seek the same.

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