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Yellowhammer Kennel
225 Power Pitbull Kennel
4 Walls of Raiford
4:13 kennels
43 Kennel
50/50 Kennels
7m Wildboar
70 Mile Pit Bulls
Absolute APBT Kennels
Absolute Edge Kennels
Absolute Kennels
Abundantly Blessed Knls
AC Pit Bulls
Acosta's Pits
Against The Wind Kennels
AJ's Kennels
Aj's Reds
Alias Kennels
Alicea's Unique Blues Kennels
All Around Kennels
Alligator Club
All Around Kennels
All Beef Kennel
Alcatraz Kennels
Allegheny Kennels
Allen's pit stop
Allen's Rednose Pitbulls
Allheart Pits
Alpha omega Kennels
Almighty Kennelz
Alvarado's Bloodline
Amber-Lite Kennels
American Badass Kennel
American Blueline Kennel
American Blue Muscle
American Pit Bulls Online
AmStaff Productions
Anchor Chain Kennels
A1 Kennel
APBT 2000
APBT's in Southeast Texas
Archangel Kennels
Arizona Red Rock APBT
Arkansas Back Woods Kennel
Armitage Farms
Ash Kennels
Aspenview Kennels
Atlanta Kennel
Atl King Pits
Az Desert Dogs
AZ Nour Pit Kennels
Az's Fine Edge
B Backwoods Kennels
Backwoods Pits
Bad Blue Pits
Bad Weather Kennels
Bama Blues kennels
Bama Pit Dogs
B&F Bullies
Barbwire Kennels
Baybred Kennels
Baytown Kennels
BB kennels
B-Blessed Kennels
B.C. Pits
Beadle's Bullies
Beauty & the Beast Kennels
Benchmark Kennel
Be R Kennel
Berry's House of Blues
Best of the Best Kennels
BGFU Kennels
Blue Bully Kennels
Big Daddy's Pits
Big D Kennels
Big D Pitbulls of Texas
Big Freak Kennel
Big Game Kennels
Bigger In Texas Kennels
Bigger Tom's TopNotch Terriers
Big Head Pits
Big Poppa Kennelz
Big Tex Kennels
Bigtime Kennel
Big Tyke Kennels
Big Will Pit Bull Kennels
Bills Blue Pit Bulls
Biloxi Big Heads
Biloxi Blue Pit Bulls
BKM Kennels
Black Hole Kennel
Black-N-Mild Kennels
Black Pearl
Blaizen Kennels
Blazin Glory Kennel
B Line Cold Blue Pitbulls
Blockhead Bulldogs
Blockhead Pits
Bloodworth Kennels
Blu-Dini Kennels
Blue Ace Kennels
Blue Blaze kennel
BlueBlood Kennels
Blue Boyz Kennels
Blue Bully Kennels
Blue Chicago
Blue Clues Pits
Blue Diamond Kennels
Blue Dog Kennel
Blue Dust Kennels
Blue Fire Kennels
Blue Flame Kennel
Blue Force Kennels
Bluegrass Pits
Bluehaven APBT's
Blue Haven Kennels
Blue Haze Kennel
Blue Ice Pits
Blue King Kennels
Bluemark Kennels
Blue Moon Kennels
Blue Mountain Kennels
Blue Nation Kennels
Blue Nation Kennels
Blue Oval Pit Kennel
Bluepits of Houston
Blue Pride Pitbull
Blue Print Kennels
Blue Star Kennel
Blue Steel Kennels
Bluestone Kennels
Blue Stone Kennels
Blue Stylistic Pits
Blue-Town Pits
Blue Valley Kennels
Blue Vison Pits
BluHaven APBT's
Blu-tiful Pit Bulls
BNT Kennels
Boca Kennels
Bone Crusher Kennels
Bonita Breeze Kennel
Bon Temps Kennels
Boogie Down PitBulls
Boone's APBTs
Bootleg Kennels
Bork's American Pitbull Terriers
Boss Hogg Bullies
Brandywine bullies
Brick City Pits
Brickhouse Kennels 2
Brimstone Reds
Brooks' "most custom fit pits"
Brown's Pit Bull Connection
Bryant's Red Devils
Bryan pits
Bullet Proof Kennels
BullHead Kennels
Buenos Aires Kennels
Buffalo Soldier's Thunder Dome
Bulldog Lane Kennels
Bulldog Master
Bulldog "V" Kennels
Bullenbeisser Kennels
BulletProof Kennel
Bullet Proof Kennels
Bull Rock Kennel
Bully Block
Bully Blood Kennel
Bully Central Kennels The Bully Zone
Burke Kennels
Bushmaster Kennels
B.W. Bulldogges
Byte Kennels
C Caballero Kennels
Cadillac Pits
Cajun Pride Kennel
California Pits
Cali Girl Kennels
Canadian Pits
Canyon County Pitbulls
Canyon Pits
C & C Pit Bulls
Capital City Pits
Cappo Pits
Caragan Kennel
Carolina Blue kennel
Carolina Game Dogs
Carolina Pitbulls
Carriage Town Kennels
Ca$h Money Kennels
Cascas Corner
Casto Kennels
Catch Dogs Incorporated
CBB - Collaborative Bad Breeders
Cdpits Kennels
Cecelia's American Pit Bulls
Cedarbrook Kennels
Central Coast Pit Bulls
Central Valley Kennel
Chain Gang Kennels
Chain Linx Kennels
Chainsaw Kennels
Champion Game Pitz
Chaos Kennels
Cherie's Pit Bulls
Chet's Pit Stop
Chianti's Working Pitbulls
Choice Kennels
Chrome City Kennels
Circle K Kennels
Cire Kennels
Ciuros Kennels
Cj's Pit Bull Stud farm
Claiming High Ground
Clark's Choice Catchdog's
Clavos Pits
Cleopatra the APBT
Cleveland Hood Watchers
Cloverhill Kennel
Coastal Connection
Cobalt Kennels
Cobb Kennels
CO-D Kennels
Colby Dogs
Coldsteel Kennels
Cold Steel Pits
Colossal Miller Pits
Commander Pits
Comunidad PitBull Chile
Conan Kennels
Corbins Kennels
Corleone Kennels
Cornerstone Pits
Cosgroves Gamedogs
CPH Bolivia
Crawdad Kennels
Crazy8 Kennel
Creekside Kennels
CrossFire Kennels
Crusader Kennels
Crusher Kennels
Cuban Kennels
Curry's Pitbull Links
Cutting Edge Kennels
Cyclone Kennels
D Dalton Blue Pit Kennel
D&B's Midwest Monster Pits
D & B Pitt County Pits
D & J Pits
Danjayz Kennels
DarkMoon Kennelz
Darkside Kennels
Darkside Pits
Dawg Pound Pits
Dawnrest Dogs
Day Kennels
DC's Deuces Wild Kennels
DeadHead Kennels
Deadlock Kennels
Dead Sled Kennels
DeBow's APBT's
Deep South Blues
Deep South Pits
de Guzmans Pitbulldogs
Dejah Bleu Kennels
Delaware Kennels
Del Manto Kennel
Del Toro Kennel
Demon Kila Kennels
Desert Heat Kennels
Desert Kennels
Destiny Pits
Detroits Most Wanted Pits
Deuce's Blue Pits
Devils den pitbulls
Devil's Own
Diablo's Bullys
Diablo Kennels
Diamond C. Kennel
Diamond Kut Pit Bulls
Dino's Place
Disciples of Christ Kennel
Dixie Kennel
Dixie Kennels
Dixie Pride Kennels
D-N-R Kennels
The Doggmahns Kennel
Dog Soldier Apbt
Dog Tails
Dominion Pit Bulls
Double Shot Pit$
Double Take Kennels
Douglas Pit's Kennel
Down South Bullies
Down South Kustom Pit Bull Kennels
Dragonfire Kennels
Dragonline Kennels
Draw The Line Kennels
Dreadnaught Pits
Dream Pit Kennels
Dred Lok Kennels
DSC Kennels
Duenas Dynasty Kennels
Duncan's pits
Dukester Kennels
Dusk Til Dawn Kennels
E EarthQuake Kennels
East Coast Bully Kennels
East Texas Pits
Easy Streak Kennels
Edgewood Pits
Edwards Hard Bite Kennel
EL Kapitan Kennels
Elvis Presley Bulldawgs
Empire Kennel
Enriquez APBT's
Envy Us Kennels
Epitome Kennels
Erie Blue Kennels
Evan's Pits
Evans' Pit Stop
Exile Kennels
Exit9 Bulldogs
Extreme Kennels
F Faceoffkennel
Finkle Winkle Kennels
First Step kennels
Flammas ptp's
Flawless Kennels
Flood's Pullin Pits
Forever "BLUE" Kennels
Forever True Kennels
Frenchmen Boy Kennels
Full Pull Kennels
G Gaff Kennels
Galaxy Kennels
Game Face Kennels
Galikennels Xl Blue Pitbulls
Galvan's Pits
Game Dog Combine
Garcia Valley Pits
Gargoyle Pits
Gator Pit Kennels
Gauge Kennels
General Lee's Pit Bull Farm
Genuine APBT's
Genuine Blue Kennels
Georgia Pits
Get Money Kennels
Giddims's Kennels
G Line Kennels
GM Kennel
G n J Kennels
Godfather kennels
Godinez Pits
Gold Crown Kennel
Gomez Pits
Goodfellaz Pitz
Good Ol' Boys Pit Bull's
Gothic Kennels
G.Q. Pitts
Grand Raw Pits
Greatest American Pit Bull Terriers
Greenes's Pit Bull Kennel
Green River Bulldogs
Greystone Kennels
G&S Red Pits
Guard Dog Kennel
Guarded Gates Kennels
Gulf Coast Kennel
G-Unit Kennels
Gypsy Game Dogs

H Hammond APBT's
Hard Copy kennels
Hardcore Kennels
Hardface Kennels
Hardhead Kennels
Hard Luck Kennels
> Hard Mouth Pits
Hart's Pit Bulls
Haynes Pit Bulls Kennel
HeadStrong Kennels
Heart of Gold Pits
Heart of Steele Kennel
Heart of the Beast Kennel
Heavy Duty Kennels
Heflins Kennel
Hello Pitty
High Output Kennels
High Performance Reds
High Society Kennels
High Voltage Kennels
Hillbilly Catch Dogs
Hillside Kennels
Hilltop Kennels
Hite's APBT's
Holland's Pit Bulls
Holleman American Pitbull Terriers
Hollow Point Pits
Holt's XL Pits
Homegrown Kennels
Hot as Hades
House of Blues
House of Blues of Georgia
House of Bluez
House of Bull
Houston Pit Bulls
Howard's Working A.P.B.T.S
HRK Bullies
Hurricane Bay Kennels
Hurricane Pitbull Kennels
Hurricane Pit Bull Kennel
Huynh's Kennels
Hypnotize Kennels
I I.C. Kennels
Ice Hot Kennels
Ill State Pits
Immortal Pits Combine
Imperial Kennels
Inner City Combine
InfalliBULL Pits
Infamous Kennels
International APBT Fedration
Internation House of Pits
Intimidator Kennels
Irish Doc's Kennel
Iron Dog Kennels
IronHead Kennel
Ironhyde kennel
Iron Hill Kennels
Iron Line Kennels
Ironpitbull Kennels
Island Style Pitbulls
Ivie League Kennel
Ivy Kennel
J jacksons pitbull kennel of illinois
Jas Pits
Jenni Lynn Kennel
J&D Bad Bonz Kennels
J & L Kennels
Jeeps and Pits
Jobe's Pits
Johnson Pits
Johnson Pits/
Johnsons Pits
Jones Kennel
Judge Roy Bean
Jumbo Pit Bulls
Juno's Pride American Pit Bull Terriers
Jurassic Kennels
K K-9 Courier
Kadillac Kennels
Kag's Pit Bulldogs
Kendra's Kennel
K&N Kennels
Kanes Kennels
Kanno kennels
Keepers PitBull Farm
Kee-wa-ho Pits
Keippers Kennels
Kelly Kennels
Kemp Pit Bulls
Kennel 44
Kingdom Come Kennels
King of the ring kennels
Kirkwood Pits
Knight's Kennel
Kountry Made Kennel
Kracker Kennels
K-Raiderz Kennels
Krazyboyz kennels
Krazy Kaos Kennels
KrazySide Kennels
KS Kennels
K Town Kennels
Kung Fu Kennels
Kutback Kennels
Kwisatzhaderach's APBT's
L Laing Kennels
Landen-Haai Kennels
Langleys Kennels
Lar-San Kennel
Lawson's Pitstop
Lee Saiyan Kennel
Lefty's Kennel
Legacy APBT
Legal Illusions
Liberty Bell Kennels
The Lion's Den Kennel
Livewire Country Kennels
Livewire Pits
L n R Kennels
LockDown Kennels
Lockjaw Kennels
Louville Kennels
Lowrider Kennels
Loyalty Kennels
LuciferMartial Kennels
Lucky Rock APBT's
Luper's Pit Stop Kennel
Lyvers Real Bullies
M Macho Kennels
Mack & Jolly Kennel
Madden's Brickhouse Pits
Madd Latin Kennels
Madison Kennels
Madman Kennels O.F.R.N
Magical Sierra Mist
Magnetic Pit Kennels
Majette's Amstaffs
Majik Kennels
Major Leaugue Pit Bulls
Makaveli Pits
Marquee Kennels
Master Blen Kennel
Mastermind Kennel
Matrix Kennels
Maximaray Kennels
Maxim Pit Bull Kenels
Mayan Kennelz
Mayhem Kennels
McCoy Pitbulls
Mckenna Pitbulls
Meatheads KC
Mega Pitbulls
Miakoda Kennels
Midnite Blue Pits & Kennels, Inc.
Midnite-Sun Kennels
Mighty blue kennels
Mightydog Kennels
Mikeland Kennels
Milagra Kennels
miltown blues
Miranda's Pits
Mister Pits Kennel
MK Pits
Mo Blue Kennels
Mobster Kennels
Mobsterpits Kennels
Mohead Kennels
Mom&Pop's kennel
Monster Pitbull
Monster Pits
Montgomery's Guardian XL Pits
Moores Blue Pitz
Moore's XL a.p.b.t.
Moralez Pit Bulls
Moreau Pits
Morgan Kennels
Mountain Gator Kennels
Most Wanted Kennels
M M & M Kennels
Mountain Of Pits Kennels
Mount Brier Farms
MoreFire Kennel
Mtn Boy Kennels
Mt. Reign Kennel
Muscleline Kennels
Mutt's Pit Bull Connection
MVP Kennels
Mykron Kennels
Mythic Kennels
N Naughty Dawg
Nealdog Kennels
Newman Pits
New World Order Pits-"N.W.O"
Nino's Titanium Pits
Nisha's Pitbulls
Nitro American Pit Bull Terriers
Nitro Kennels
Nocturn Alley Kennels
No Mercy Kennels
Northland Pits
North Style Pits
Northwest Pits
Notorious B.L.U.E. Kennels
Notorious P I T Kennel
O O'Donovan's Bulldogs
Off The Chain Kennel
Oklahoma Outlaw Kennels
Oklahoma Pit Bulls
Old Family Breeders Ass.
Old Family Reds
Oldies Kennel
Old Pirate Kennel
Oliver's Choice Kennels
Olympus Kennel
On the Rise Pitbulls
Opal Kennel
Outkast Kennels
Outlaw Pride
Over the Top Kennels
OYB Pit Kennel
P Pac Man Kennels
Palm Beach Blues Kennel
Panthea Kennels
PA Pits
Parker's Companions
Pat Patrick
Patriotic Pits
Peaceful Pit Bulls
Peterson's Pit Bulls
Pflug Clan Kennel
Phatblue Kennels
Pinoy Pit Bull
Pitblue kennels
Pitbull Alley
Pit Bull Lovers
Pit Bull Mania
Pit Bull Racin Kennels
Pit Bulls Of Oregon
Pit Bulls Of South Carolina
Pitbull Warriors For Ever
Pit Crew Kennels
Pit Farm Kennels
Pitking Kennels
Platinum Puppies
Platnum Pits Kennel
Plushed Out Kennels
Point Blank Kennels
Pooler's Kennel
Poor Boy Kennels
Popeye's Pitts
Port City Blues
Pound 4 Pound Kennels
Power Bite KennelS
Powerhouse Kennels
Powers Pits R Us Kennel
Powerstone Kennels
Prairieland Kennels
Predator Spice Kennels
Premier Pits
Presidential Pits
Pretty Red Pits
Primetime Kennels
Protege Kennels
Psychopathic Kennel
Pull Dawg Pits
Pullin Pits Kennels
Pure Country Pits
Purepits Kennel
Pyramid Kennels
Pit Palace Kennels
Pitrage Kennels
Pits and Paws Kennel
Pits of PA
Pits State University
Pits With Papers
Pitwise Kennel
Q QuietStorm Kennel
Quicksilver Kennels
R Radiant Kennel
Ragen River Kennels
Raging Kennels
Raindance APBT's
Rainier View Kennels
Rainy City Kennels
Raising Cain Kennels
Ramos Kennels
Rampage Kennels
R and B Kennels
Rain Fall Kennels
Raisin' Kane Kennels
Rave Kennels
Ravenloft Kennels
Ravenous Kennels
Raven Wood Kennels
Raw Attitude Kennels
Raw Dawg Kennelz
Rawhide Kennelz
Razing havoc Kennels
Razor Blue's Kennel
Razors Edge Kennels
Razor Sharp Kennels
RCA Game Farm
Real McKoy Blue Kennels
Real Pitbulls
Redcoat Kennels
Reddog Kennels
Red Face Bull Kennel
Red Hot Kennels
Red Mythology Kennels
Rednose Kennels
Red Rooster Kennels
Redskin Kennels
Red Sky Pitbulls
Red To The Bone Kennels
Red White and Blue Kennels
Reeds Kennels
Reign Pit Bull Kennel
Rellik Kennels
Resurrection Kennel
Rez Life Kennels
Rhino Pitbull Kennels
Richards Family Pits
Rileey's Legacy Kennels
Riley's Top Dawg
Rios' Pit Bull Kingdom
Rising Moon Kennels
Ritter Kruez Kennel
Riversedge Blues
Robinsons bulldogs
Robinsons Pitbulls
RockRoll Kennels
Rock Solid Pits
Rock Stream Kennels
Rockyblade Kennels
Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain Kennel
Rocky Mountains Pit Shop
Rocky Springs Kennels
Rondo Kennel
Roughriders Kennel
Rowdy's APBT page
Royal Bull Kennels
Royal Pitbull Kennels
Royal Dynasty kennels
Royal Family Kennel
Royal Kennel
Royal Pitbull Kennels
Royalty Kennels
Royalty Kennels
R Pitbulls
Ruff Stuff Kennels
Ruiz Kennels
Ru-mar Kennel
Russel's APBT
Russline Kennels
Ruthless Kennels
Sacred Circle
Salty Game Kennels
S&D Kennels
Santa Fe Pitbulls
Savalla Kennels
Scotton's Pit Yard
Seark Kennels
Selah`s German Shepherds
Sell's Pits
Serendipity Kennel
Shadytown Kennels
Shore Boy Kennels
Shovelhead Kennels
Showtime Kennels Of Florida
Silva Kennels
Silver Sapphire Pitz
Silver Streak Kennels
Silver Streak Kennels
Sin City Kennels
Sin City Pit Bulls
Sinnoma Coast Kennel Sirius Kennel
SJ's Pits
Skulldrug Kennel
Skyline Pitbulls
Sling Shot Kennels
Smarthead Kennels
SmitsPits Kennels
Smokey Mountain Pits
SnS Kennels
SoCal Kennels
Solid Oak Kennel
south bound bullies
South Coast Gottiline
Southern Bulldogs
Southern Comfort Pits
Southern Dixie Pits Kennels
Southern Hospitality Kennels
Southern Land Kennel
Southern Md. Kennels
Southern Pryde Pits
Southern Reign Kennels
Southern Storm Kennel
Southpaw Kennel
Southside Game Connection
South Star Kennels
South Texas Pits
Southwest Elite Kennels
Spin -Ash Kennels
Sporting Dog
Sporting Dog Kennels
Stanley's APBT's
Starlight Kennels
Steadfast Kennels
StEaL GRiLl KeNnEl's
Steel City Blues
Steeltown Kennels
Stephen's Kennel
Sterling Pit Bulls
Stewart's Pits
Stilley's Blue Pit Bulls
Stone Cell Kennel
StoutHeart Kennels
Str8 Up Kennels
Strictly Pits kennel
Stronger Than All Pits
Sudden Impact Kennels
Sully's Old Family Reds
Sun Dog Kennels
Sunrise Kennels
Super Hero Kennels
Supernatural kennels
Swampdog Kennels
Swampdog Pits
Syndicate Kennels
T Tanks Home Page
Tarheel Blue Pits
Tatonka Kennels
Taylor's Kennel
T-Bull Kennel
Tennessee Bulldogs
Texalina Kennels
Texasedge kennels
Texas Made Kennels
Texas Moshpits
Texas Pit Stops Kennel
Texas River Bottom Kennels
Texas Top Notch Kennels
The Formula
The Real McCoy's
3 Ball Kennels
Tightline Kennels
The Pit
The Real Pit Bull
Thiving Kennels
Thorz Pitz Kennel
Throne's Pits of the South
Title Shot Kennels
T. M. Garner Kennels
Tomerlin's BulldogVKennels
Torres Bloodlines
Total Velocity Kennel
Townsend Nigerino Kennels
Toxic Pitbull Kennels
Training Camp Kennels
Trevino Kennels
Tribute Kennel

Triple J Bulldogs
Triple Xtreme Kennels Tru Blue Kennel
True Bulldog kennels
True Destiny Kennel
True Kennels
True Line Kennel
Tru-Luck Kennels
T's Top Dawggs
Tuff Kennels
Turning Point Kennels
Twin Cities Blues
Twysted Metal Kennels
Tx Red Nose Pits
U Uber Kennels
Ultimate Blues
United Legion Kennel
Unleashed APBT Kennels
Untouchable Blue Diamond Kennel
Untouchables Kennels
Untouchabull Pits
UpState Boys
Utopia Kennel
V Valley of the Fox
Vegas Kennels
Velas Bully Kennels
Villanueva's Pitbulls
Villines APBT's
V's Kennels
VueLine Kennels
W Walker's Bully Pits
Walls RockSolid Pits
Want Some Kennels
Warren's Kennels
WaterTower Pits
Western Pits
Whiskey Bay Pits
White Devil Kennels
White Trash Kennels
Whiz Bang Kennels
Widowmaker Kennels
Wild-Hill Kennel
Wildside Kennels
Wildstreak Kennels
Wildstyle Kennels
Wild West Line Kennels
Williams American Pitbull Terrier
Windy City Bluez
Wine's Rainy City Kennels
Win Mor Kennels
Wiseman Kennels
Woodland Kennels
Woodforest Kennel
Working Pit Bulls
Work'n K9's
Wildstyle Kennels
WyldeMagick's American Pit Bull Terriers
X X-Pits
Xplicit Pits
Xtreme Edge Pits
Y Yellowhammer Kennel
York Kennels
Young's Kennels
Yuktown's Kennels

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Copyright 1999- All rights reserved.

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