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Lots of folks assume when they're going to get a new dog it should be a puppy, often without thinking about it much. Here's a great site that may convince you to adopt an older dog. At The Senior Dogs Project web site

AB Heart

Central Texas AB Rescue

Ethical Bull Breed Rescue and Referral
Contact Michelle at or Sue

South Florida Rescue

Maryland American Bulldog Rescue
P.O. Box 8858
Baltimore, MD 21224
Michelle at

National American Bulldog Rescue Alliance

American Bulldog Rescue
Kristine fincham
4002 johnson rd
Norton, Ohio
We take in abs of all ages.We specialize in deaf abs.We also accept retired breeders and show dogs.Abs will be altered before placed in a permanet loving indoor home.Any qeustions about ab rescue please call or e-mail.

Bulldog Gifts

Bulldog Coasters
Bulldog Coasters
Bulldog Embroidered Canvas Tote Bag
Embroidered Canvas Tote Bag
Bulldog Embroidered Cap
Embroidered Cap
Bulldog Embroidered Hand Towel
Embroidered Hand Towel
Bulldog Figurine
Bulldog Figurine
Bulldog Flag
Bulldog Flag
Bulldog Greeting Card
Bulldog Greeting Card
Bulldog Leash Hook
Bulldog Leash Hook
Bulldog Mug
Bulldog Mug
Bulldog Mug
Bulldog Mug
Bulldog Placemat
Bulldog Placemat
Bulldog Plush Toy
Bulldog Plush Toy
Bulldog Stickers
Bulldog Stickers
Bulldog Treat Jar
Bulldog Treat Jar
Bulldogs Doormat
Bulldogs Doormat
Bulldogs Postcard Book
Bulldogs Postcard Book








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