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Dogs American Bulldog Puppies
Dog Breeds  American Bulldog
American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs are ranked #1 as the most versatile working breed today. The American Bulldogs disposition is alert, outgoing and friendly with a self-assured attitude. As a loyal family companion the American Bulldogs have no equal.

This American Bulldog directory is intended to be your resource to everything you can find on American Bulldogs. If your looking for an American Bulldog puppy, American Bulldog stud, American Bulldog breeder, American Bulldog message boards to answer your questions, American Bulldog books, American Bulldog kennels, health information, American Bulldog shows, American Bulldog registries...You'll find them here! 


American Bulldog Resources is unique, in every category, among the websites, you will find listings for American Bulldog breeders that don't have websites, that can only be contacted by phone or by mail. We are a one stop for all your research or reference needs on American Bulldogs.

If we do not have your American Bulldog kennel or your American Bulldog web site and would like us to list it please fill out an 'Add a page' form

Our American Bulldog kennel is Rebel Rose American Bulldogs, drop by and check us out. If you would like to get in touch with us, email Lance & Lesli Rose.

ABRA (American Bulldog Registry and Archives) Breed Standard.

The American Bulldog is an athletic, temperamentally sound medium to large sized dog that possesses great strength, agility and confidence. The expression should reflect intelligence and alertness. The sturdy and powerful yet compact frame is characteristically stockier and heavier boned in the males and more refined in the females. Some aloofness with strangers and assertiveness towards other dogs is accepted. However, an American Bulldog should not be excessively timid, shy or aggressive towards man and preferably not overly aggressive with other dogs. Due to its distinctive physical and mental characteristics along with its natural desire to be the total companion and working dog, an American Bulldog should never be confused with uniquely different breeds such as the American Staffordshire Terrier or the American Pit Bull Terrier. ....Continued Here

This site now lists several hundred kennels and we see many mispellings and foreign spellings such as americanbulldog, american bull dog,and spellings from many countries, such as, amerikan bulldog, Amerikansk Bulldog, Amerikanske Bulldog, Amerických buldoku, Bulldog Americano, Amerikan Bulldog, Bouledogue Americains, Amerikai Bulldog, Amerikaanse bulldog, amerikanska Bulldoggen, & bull dog americano.

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I listed my kennel for free on DogResources!
Dogs American Bulldog Puppies
Dog Breeds   American Bulldogs

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