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On this page we feature those American Bulldogs that have achieved the status of Champion. The title of Champion, often abbreviated before a dog's name as CH. is given by the registries and showing organizations for the best specimens of the breed as judged at conformation shows held and sanctioned by the various regitries and show organizations. To add your Champions to this page for free, get directions here

ABNA Ch Brave Heart's Braudzilla PH OFA

Crystal's Big Benjamin

Bulldog City's Clint, EABC European Champion 2003

U-CD V-1 Int./Nat. Ch Green's Dragons Bane CGC OFA BST CERF SchBH Brevet

U-CD, UKC/V-1 International Ch. Green's Snap Dragon, CGC, TT, OB1, OFA Good/Elbow Normal, CERF, SchBH, AD

GR CH Hank Von Schrom, Penn/Hip 50/50,OFA-Fair,OB1, AD, CGC, IWPA working dog superior

NKC Ch Leatherneck's Tyson BST CD1 OFA EXCELLENT

ABNA Ch Leist's Nya Nya PH CGC DW3 WP3

ABNA Ch Mac's King Mufassa

ABA Ch Souza's Alzeira of SAB PH

ABA GrCh Souza's Dixie Lee OFA PH OFA(el) CGC PDT II

ABA ABNA GrCh Souza's Matias of SAB BST OFA PH OFA(el) CGC IDT5 AD

ABA Champion Thunderstruck's Tewa of SAB Ph CGC BST OFA EXCELLENT - aka Laverne

ABA Champion Van Hoose's Koa of Boyd Ph OFA CGC

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